Brilhome is a brand of products and accessories for all cleaning professionals.
The secret of Brilhome lies in the special highly concentrated formula of its detergents, obtained after years of study and research, which allows to reduce unnecessary waste for maximum results.
Brilhome is also environmentally friendly, with some products made from pure natural extracts, without dyes and without preservatives.
All our products also comply with current hygiene and health regulations (H.A.C.C.P. self-control system).
Brilhome is a pure revolution!

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The home cleaning products available in our online store have been selected to provide impeccable cleanliness while taking care of environmental sustainability. Brilhome offers products that effectively clean and disinfect while giving rooms a pleasant aroma.

What is Brilhome?
Brilhome group is an Italian company founded in Italy in 2013. It is the largest Italian company producing products for general consumption. Brilhome home cleaning products are of excellent quality and are made in Italy. offers Brilhome cleaning products in Latvia and throughout Europe.

Effectiveness of Brilhome cleaning products
Brilhome cleaning products are specially formulated to provide unmatched efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with hard-to-clean residues in the kitchen or stains on the floor, Brilhome cleaning products are designed to tackle any cleaning challenge, leaving surfaces sparkling clean.

Discover the range of Brilhome cleaning products at, where each bottle promises not only polished cleanliness, but also safety in every corner of your home. Our extensive product offering provides effective cleaning solutions for a variety of needs, from kitchen surfaces to bathroom gloss.

A wide range of Brilhome cleaning products
Brilhome offers a wide range of cleaning products – from powerful degreasing products for greasy surfaces to the universal cleaning product Degreaser Plus for everyday cleaning. Brilhome makes your cleaning routine easier with versatile solutions for any surface in your home.

Environmentally friendly products
The Brilhome company takes care of environmental protection, while ensuring optimal efficiency of means. Brilhome cleaning product formulas are carefully designed to be environmentally friendly. This means you can clean with peace of mind knowing you are helping to save our planet for future generations.

Brilhome cleaning products embody a deep commitment to preserving our environment. Formulated with carefully selected, environmentally friendly ingredients, Brilhome products provide superior cleaning power without compromising the health of our planet. From production to use, Brilhome strives to reduce the impact of production and use on the environment through sustainable processes and environmentally responsible packaging.

The range of Brilhome products: from universal means to specialized ones
Brilhome cleaning products are designed to offer optimal efficiency and ease of use. The range of Brilhome cleaning and housekeeping products includes:

Universal cleaners: Ideal for everyday cleaning, these products are safe to use on a variety of surfaces, ensuring a clean and fresh environment.
Kitchen cleaners: Specially designed to effectively remove grease and food residues, making the kitchen hygienic and shiny.
Bathroom cleaners: Specially formulated to combat limescale and soap scum, leaving bathroom fixtures shiny and stain-free.
Floor cleaners: Effective and safe for use on all types of floors, these products provide deep cleaning and long-lasting protection.
Why choose Brilhome?

High-quality ingredients: Brilhome cleaning products are made from high-quality ingredients that guarantee effective cleaning without harming the environment.
Safety and effectiveness: The product is safe for home use and effective even in the most difficult to clean areas.
Reviews of Brilhome cleaning products

Our customers recognize the effectiveness and safety of Brilhome cleaning products, emphasizing their convenience and positive impact on home cleanliness. See for yourself by visiting the customer reviews sections of each product and find out how Brilhome has changed the daily cleaning habits of many people.

Experience the quality and efficiency of Brilhome cleaning products by visiting our e-store and let your rooms shine with less effort and more shine!

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